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Strength in heritage, innovation as our raison d'être.

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For more than 15 years, we have been committed to preserving traditional techniques and know-how while implementing innovative, contemporary manufacturing methods, with the same rigour and passion. And one single ambition: to excel in the creation of remarkable, long-lasting furniture.

Nicolas Souchet – founder of Souchet Inspired Woodwork – has a wealth of expertise from 5 years’ training at the École Boulle, as well as an early immersion in reproduction cabinetry, in every style from the 18th century to the present day, for a variety of luxury projects.

His passion soon led him to a prestigious workshop in Paris, where he discovered the market for high-end and exceptional furniture. This sealed his professional choice and his desire to leave a mark and develop his profession.

In 2006, he set up his own business to freely put his expertise at the service of his clients, who were showing a growing interest in his vision and his technical abilities.

This experience was consolidated in 2016 by acquiring a historic workshop with recognized expertise. Located in one of the cradles of the French woodworking industry, this workshop quickly became a launch pad for the conquest of new markets.

With a skilled and committed team, the company introduced a managerial approach that opened up a new way of working. It is marked by two key features: the mutual trust that binds Nicolas Souchet and his colleagues and an organization that promotes constant questioning.

Recognizing the importance of 4.0 in developing and sustaining rare skills, in 2017 the Ateliers developed new manufacturing processes combining digital tools and manual skills.

Today, Souchet Inspired Woodwork is a vanguard furniture editor and manufacturing company that aspires – like its founder and director – to promote its French craft throughout the world.

We are the guardians
of an exceptional legacy:
our ancestors’ know-how.
Traditions & Innovations
Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to update and revitalize luxury chairmaking by mixing traditional techniques with an industrial approach.

Our method is the result of a long process of in-depth reflection and constant research to acquire new knowledge. In addition to the remarkable lines of our pieces of furniture, we offer a creative process that serves the increasingly ambitious projects of international players in interior design and architecture, in the luxury hospitality and residential sectors, as well as in the yachting industry.
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Liffol — France

We place the women and men of our company at the center of our development and at the heart of our success.

We offer our employees the opportunity for personal and professional development in their working environment. We have implemented a human resources policy based on care: recruitment, training, skills development and work/life balance are our priorities.

Our approach to management encourages wellbeing in the workplace and the free expression of ideas and emotions within the company.


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